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Ginette Michelet


08/09/2011 20:39

My daughter's lessons with Ginette (and praise for Wexford)

08/30/2010 11:41
Hi Ginette,   I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with the lessons you have been giving my daughter. She has never ridden before and was a little scared of the horse's size. Being only 7 a horse can be very intimidating. You made her feel very comfortable...

Friends at Been There Farm

06/09/2010 16:54
Years ago, I was given a broken-down racehorse, and I was advised by everyone to go to a farm run by Ginette Michelet, because of "the amazing care she gives her horses." Ginette taught me how to rehabilitate and how to ride my fractious Thoroughbred. I saw how she ran the farm, taking superb care...

Thanks from a former student

06/08/2010 12:54
  Dear Ginette,    I doubt you remember me, but my name is Alissa Mesibov, and I used to help out at Been There in exchange for lessons eight years ago. I feel like I never properly thanked you for the experience I got during my time there. How many eleven year olds who have no...

Ginette Michelet, a Life with Horses

06/07/2010 12:49
  Ginette Michelet agrees with Will Rogers that "the best thing for the inside of a person is the outside of a horse." "They're beautiful animals and an absolute pleasure to be around," Michelet, AG '81, says. She should know. She spends about 12 hours a day with them. A full-time equestrienne...

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