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Friends at Been There Farm

06/09/2010 16:54

Years ago, I was given a broken-down racehorse, and I was advised by everyone to go to a farm run by Ginette Michelet, because of "the amazing care she gives her horses." Ginette taught me how to rehabilitate and how to ride my fractious Thoroughbred. I saw how she ran the farm, taking superb care of the horses, training for her own competitions, and making us feel we had improved, if saddle-sore, during her lessons. Ginette's old farm was a welcoming, friendly place to ride and to socialize. In order to re-create that ambience, Ginette has moved Been There Farm from a Westampton racing facility to a location next to Pemberton Lake. With over 40 acres, and backing a protected state forest, Been There Farm offers a pleasant, stress-free atmosphere, plus unlimited trail rides and a beautiful, 1/2 mile track. Under Ginette's guidance, and with a knowledgeable staff, Been There Farm is a place where you can relax and enjoy your horse, whether English, Western, competition, or pleasure.

                                                                                                                                                     - Jo Ann Snyder

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